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As part of our "Education in the community" initiative we are on the radio on the first Tuesday of the month hosting "Talking Toes on Tuesday".
We provide educational advise and tips on how to keep your feet happy and healthy and promote the vital role of Podiatry in keeping your feet happy and healthy!.

In April 2023 we opened our clinic in the newly renovated Dallas building, offering cutting edge treatment and the most affordable Podiatry prices in Bermuda we are also the only practice to offer an online booking system, allowing patients to book their appointments night or day and whenever is most convenient for them.


In April 2024 to as part of the Foot Health Awareness Month and to celebrate the clinics 1 year anniversary we launched our landmark scholarship program.

This $47,000 scholarship is offered to a Bermudian wishing to pursue a career in podiatry in the UK. This initiative not only reflects our dedication to advancing healthcare education but also underscores our deep-rooted commitment to fostering local talent and supporting the next generation of healthcare professionals.


Interested applicants can find more details and apply for the scholarship at

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